What do you remember about the homes you visit? For many of us, paintings are the most distinctive feature of any home and really define the furnishing and interior decor of any space. Art is an integral part of interior design and choosing the right paintings and artwork for your home or office can transform everything. From bright canvas oil paintings that bring rich colour into your home, through to sepia tinted views of famous landmarks and simple engravings that softly harmonise with a serene interior, we have everything to make your walls spectacular. You might like to consider placing a mirror opposite a favourite painting to reflect the image - this is a stunning way to get a new perspective on your favourite artwork. Grouping paintings together is fun, particularly for a child’s room, and can deliver a splash of interest in a large blank wall. Either put them all in identical frames, or choose one uniting colour or theme (perhaps vintage signs or flowers or pets) so that there is a coherence to the display.

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